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Knead to Relax: Unwinding with Massage Therapy

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to our lineup of luxurious services: massages. Whether you're seeking stress relief, muscle relaxation, or simply some well-deserved pampering, our expert massage therapists are here to provide you with a blissful experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Swedish massage is a classic and widely practiced form of massage therapy known for its gentle yet effective techniques aimed at promoting relaxation and overall well-being. During a Swedish massage session, we use long, flowing strokes, kneading, and gentle tapping to release tension, improve circulation, and alleviate stress.

Our deep tissue massage, also known as our Deep Harmony massage, focuses on relieving tension and targeting deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Using firm pressure and slow strokes, this  massage aims to alleviate chronic muscle pain, improve mobility, and promote healing from injuries. At LAVISHiBROWS, our skilled massage therapists are trained in deep tissue techniques to provide you with a rejuvenating and transformative experience that leaves you feeling restored and revitalized.

Sport massages are specifically designed to target areas of the body that are stressed and overworked due to athletic activity. These massages focus on enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries, and promoting faster recovery times. Our experienced therapists tailor each sport massage to meet the individual needs of athletes, ensuring they can perform at their peak and maintain optimal physical health.

Our maternity massages focus on alleviating the discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as lower back pain, swollen ankles, and muscle tension. At LAVISHiBROWS, our certified massage therapists are trained in prenatal massage techniques to provide expectant mothers with a soothing and nurturing experience that supports their physical and emotional well-being throughout pregnancy.

Q: How often should I get a massage?

A: The frequency of massage therapy depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Some people benefit from weekly or bi-weekly massages to maintain optimal health and wellness, while others may only need occasional treatments for specific issues or relaxation purposes. Your massage therapist can help determine the best frequency for you based on your goals and preferences.

Q: What should I expect during a massage session?

A: During a massage session, you can expect to lie comfortably on a massage table while the therapist uses a variety of techniques to manipulate your muscles and soft tissues. You may be asked to undress to your comfort level and lie under a sheet or blanket for privacy. Your therapist will work with you to ensure your comfort and address any specific concerns or areas of focus.

Q: Are there different types of massage therapy?

A: Yes, there are many different types of massage therapy, each with its own techniques and benefits. Some popular types include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, and hot stone massage. Your massage therapist can help you choose the best type of massage for your needs and preferences.

Q: Is massage therapy safe for everyone?

A: In general, massage therapy is safe for most people. However, there are certain medical conditions and contraindications that may require caution or modifications during a massage session. It's important to inform your massage therapist about any medical conditions, injuries, or concerns you have before your session to ensure a safe and effective treatment.


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