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Permanent Makeup Aftercare: Tips for Long Lasting Beauty

You've taken the plunge and invested in permanent makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Now, it's crucial to follow proper aftercare guidelines to ensure your new look heals perfectly and lasts as long as possible. At LAVISHiBROWS in Winter Garden, Florida, we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to help you maintain your permanent makeup and enjoy long-lasting beauty.

Immediate Aftercare: The First 24-48 Hours

  1. Keep It Dry: Avoid getting the treated area wet for the first 24-48 hours. Be cautious while washing your face, showering, or sweating excessively.

  2. No Touching: Refrain from touching, picking, or scratching the treated area to prevent infection and pigment loss.

  3. Avoid Makeup: Do not apply any makeup on or near the treated area during the healing process to avoid contamination and irritation.

Days 3-10: Healing Process

  1. Gentle Cleaning: Clean the treated area gently with a cotton pad soaked in sterile water. Pat dry with a clean tissue.

  2. Apply Healing Ointment: Use the recommended healing ointment provided by LAVISHiBROWS. Apply a thin layer to keep the area moisturized.

  3. Avoid Sun Exposure: Protect the treated area from direct sunlight and tanning beds to prevent pigment fading and skin damage.

Long-Term Aftercare

  1. Moisturize Regularly: Keep the treated area hydrated with a gentle moisturizer to maintain the vibrancy of the pigment.

  2. Avoid Harsh Treatments: Refrain from using exfoliating treatments, chemical peels, or laser treatments on or near the treated area.

  3. Touch-Up Appointments: Schedule touch-up appointments as recommended by your technician to maintain the color and shape of your permanent makeup.

Common Questions About Permanent Makeup Aftercare

What Should I Avoid After Permanent Makeup?

Avoid swimming, saunas, and excessive sweating for at least two weeks. These activities can interfere with the healing process and cause pigment loss.

When Will I See the Final Results?

Your permanent makeup will go through several stages of healing. It may appear darker initially and then lighten as it heals. The final results will be visible after about four weeks.

How Often Should I Get Touch-Ups?

Most clients require a touch-up 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. After that, annual touch-ups are recommended to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh and defined.

Following proper aftercare is essential to ensure the success of your permanent makeup treatment. By adhering to these guidelines and taking good care of your new makeup, you can enjoy long-lasting, beautiful results. At LAVISHiBROWS, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and support throughout your aftercare journey. Schedule your appointment today and let us help you achieve the perfect, effortless look you've always desired.


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