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The Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Process: What to Expect

Embarking on a journey to youthful, rejuvenated skin with Plasma Fibroblast Therapy is an exciting decision. At LAVISHiBROWS in Winter Garden, Florida, we aim to make your experience as comfortable and informative as possible. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the Plasma Fibroblast Therapy process, from consultation to aftercare, so you know exactly what to expect.

Consultation and Preparation

  1. Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with a thorough consultation with our experienced technicians. We'll discuss your skin concerns, medical history, and desired outcomes to determine if Plasma Fibroblast Therapy is right for you.

  2. Pre-Treatment Guidelines: Before your appointment, we provide detailed pre-treatment instructions, including avoiding certain medications and skincare products to ensure optimal results.

The Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Procedure

  1. Numbing Cream Application: To ensure your comfort, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area about 30 minutes before the procedure.

  2. Plasma Application: Using a specialized plasma pen, our technician creates tiny, controlled plasma arcs on the skin's surface, forming small dots. These micro-traumas stimulate the skin's natural healing process.

  3. Duration: The procedure typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Post-Treatment Care and Recovery

  1. Immediate Aftercare: After the procedure, the treated area may appear red and slightly swollen, similar to a mild sunburn. Tiny scabs will form over the micro-dots.

  2. Avoid Touching: Refrain from touching, scratching, or picking at the treated area to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

  3. Hydration and Sun Protection: Keep the area hydrated with the recommended healing ointment and protect it from direct sunlight by using a high-SPF sunscreen.

  4. Healing Process: Over the next 7-10 days, the scabs will naturally fall off, revealing new, rejuvenated skin beneath. Full healing and results can be seen after several weeks.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

  1. Follow-Up Appointment: We recommend a follow-up appointment to assess your healing progress and discuss any additional treatments if necessary.

  2. Long-Term Care: Maintain your results by following a consistent skincare routine and protecting your skin from sun exposure.

Understanding the Plasma Fibroblast Therapy process can help you feel more confident and prepared for your treatment. At LAVISHiBROWS, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care and guidance throughout your journey to rejuvenated skin. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards achieving your beauty goals.


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